Awesome New York Eats

To Amazing-Girl-#1-Zoe! 

It's been almost two months since I've come back to Florida from New York and I CAN'T STOP thinking about the absolutely delicious food I've had while I was there!! Thinking about New York food really makes mouth water! When I thought that it is impossible that food anywhere else in the world that can taste better than our Taiwan小吃! I Heart New York! I'm really grateful for all the awesome people I got to meet up and hang out with in New York and to enjoy good food together! (Peggy, that's you especially! lol)

So along with this unbelievably extensive list of the eats (I just LOVE looking back at all these pictures), is part of my recap on the Awesome vacation for winter break!

hahaha and sooo this is the very list dedicated to you, not of all my "must-eats" but of all my "have-eats" but most of which you should definitely still check out!! I know you ONLY have like ... two days in New York? lol, but go ahead and check out how you are going to plan to eat your way through the city anyways! (*hint hint: top recommends highlighted!) 

[The High Line] Sustainability Literacy Skills

            Awarded 2010 Professional Awards by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as well as Design Award for Urban Design by the American Institute for Architects (AIA), the High Line demonstrates its enormous success and acknowledgement in the design disciplines. Not only because it has displayed its design skills but also its sustainability literacy skills, shown through its awareness for the built environment, its precedent history and its community, which are all conducive to the High Line’s vision for sustainability.

            The High line has promoted success in urban regeneration and adaptive use using skills for Appropriate Technology and Appropriate Design, including Permaculture Design, and largely incorporating means of Ecological Intelligence.

[The High Line] Overview

Winding through the west side of the city for more than 20 blocks, stretching from the historical Meatpacking district, through the West Chelsea art gallery neighborhood and finally making its way to 34th street, New York City’s High Line Park’s redefinition of a public space has increasingly gained its reputation as the Central Park of the 21st Century.