[Bike Around Taiwan] Taiwan Impressions 台灣印象

One thing that I've been struggling with for quite a while now, and was an especially emphasized uncertainty during our bike trip was that ... SO many of my childhood memories, keep presenting themselves to me, one after the other, they'd appear right before my eye, and say "Hey! Remember me? I'm Taiwan!"

 These mental images that's been with me as impressions of Taiwan, the place I'd visit occasionally, like for summer break or Chinese New Year, and all of a sudden seem so exposed, as if someone's made my dreams manifest, and shared it with the entire world without my acknowledgement. 

Weird, I know. I just didn't know that these places I remember, are commonly shared memories with so many other people. Places and things that I thought to be unique, are actually typical scenes in Taiwan. Though my impressions aren't as personal anymore, I still find them beautiful whenever I catch a glimpse of them. 

Betel nut trees (檳榔樹) ... I was especially surprised to learn that most people found them ugly! I thought they look just like any other palm or coconut tree, an indicator of tropical sunny climate (which makes me real happy by the way!) Later I learnt that it's mainly because the large plantation of betel nut trees throughout the island is a critical cause of soil erosion (not to mention the health issues by the nuts too!) Wowwww! What??? They're still a beautiful sight to me, just like the west coast wetlands and stretching fields of rice paddies! :P

I'm so happy that these aren't just places living inside my memories now, they're everywhere for everyone to enjoy! :D

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