[Bike Around Taiwan] Rent Your Bike Here!

For anyone who's rented a bike from the best bike rental place in Taipei, you're most likely to have taken the exact same picture as this, or similar. It reflects the genuinely whole-hearted encouragement they give you before you head off on your trip, AND when you get back!

佳遊單車,though I'm not sure if they have an English name. I highly recommend them for your choice of bike rental! They're equipped with MERIDA bikes, and have you prepared with the whole package! Anything you can think of, helmets, tools, extra inner tubes ... and a whole lot of stuff I did fine with without understanding anyways. They would also give you free personal lessons of how to work the gadgets, how to fix your bike, how to get around without any trouble.

[Bike Around Taiwan] One Year Later ...

It's been an ENTIRE WHOLE YEAR??! 365 DAYS gone past! Actually MORE than that! 365 plus 2 I think. A YEAR!!! Since we completed this trip of biking around Taiwan. Everything seems so distant yet so clear in my mind. I can still clearly re-experience every step of the pedal. Every "omg, another uphill?" Every field and coast we were so drawn to by their beauty. Every cheer and encouragement we earned from passer-bys.