[New Zealand] Tramping Menu 爬山伙食篇




於是只好發展出自己的 Tramping Menu

每日平均 $7-$10 (每一餐不到 $3!),絕對夠我每趟旅程都吃得飽,又吃得爽!
習慣了這套 Menu 後,就不再花費多餘的心力在這上面了!

[New Zealand] Tramping Gear 爬山裝備篇


從輕裝抵達,到了settle在一個地方後,東西開始累積又累積 ...


透過Te Araroa (The Long Pathway) 來體驗南到北的風景,
(雖然後來並沒有全程走完,but that's another story)

[Island of the Gods] Sunrise on Mt Batur the Volcano

It seems that most people don't really know the Bali other than the one with its beautiful smooth beaches and vacation villas.

I had no idea that Bali was in fact such a mountainous island, consisting of 17 volcanoes, the highest being Mt Agung! (meaning "Great Mountain") at 3031m, that is already as high as the 100 peaks in Taiwan!

[Bali from the sky! Now I recognize so many of the mountains, including Mt Rinjani of Lombok!]

[Island of the Gods] Paradise Bali vs Backpackers Bali

Over the past week, I've had the honor to attend a lifetime long friend's wedding in the Island of the Gods - Bali! I had no idea what to expect when I agreed to go. All I had in mind was that I was to be there for her on her special day. After everyone left when the wedding ended, I took a couple of days to explore the island by myself. Never did I imagine that I would experience such different Bali's: 

There was the Paradise Bali. 

The one with the beautiful and elegant wedding, with its opaque blue infinity pools, elegant contemporary simpleness, with dimly lit candle lights and soft dreamy music. The one with smooth black sand beaches and its perfect waves, laying under the equatorial sun with a glass of cocktail on a colorful beanbag chair. The one designed and constructed to live up to the paradise behind-the-desk people dream of having their vacation of a lifetime.

Then there was the Backpacker Bali. 

The one with unpaved streets, roosters running wild, with its scattered temples of intrinsic stone carvings, its prayers and sacred offerings and traditional dancing. And I don't mean just its distinctive Hindu culture, there were also the Muslim villages and everything else "Indonesian". The one with its mountainous landscapes, godly volcanoes and reflective lakes, its lush jungles and its fisherman coasts.

Just for fun, I wanted to compare the pictures of my two very different journeys throughout this dynamic island set so uniquely in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago. It's just so interesting to see how different it gets once you leave the Paradise Bali in the south and head towards the Backpackers Bali everywhere else!